Class Schedule 2020-2021


LE DANCE CLASS SCHEDULE 2020-2021:  Fall and Spring
**Classes begin Monday, Aug 24, 2020**

Studio II:
5:00-6:00pm = Tap & Jazz Combo III
6:00-7:00pm = Tap III /IV
7:00-8:00pm = Petite Co Tap
Studio III:
4:30-6:00pm = Ballet V/VI
6:00-7:00pm = Leaps & Turns V/VI
7:00-8:00pm = JR Co Jazz
8:00-9:00pm = Hip Hop III
Studio IV:
4:30-6:00pm = Ballet III/IV
6:00-7:00pm = Lyrical II/III
7:00-8:00pm = Modern V
8:00-9:00pm = Modern IV

Studio I:
9:30-10:30am = Tap & Ballet Combo I
Studio II:
4:30-5:30pm = Tap & Ballet Combo II
5:30-6:30pm = Jazz I/ II
6:30-7:30pm = Modern I
Studio III:
4:30-5:30pm = Ballet II
5:30-6:30pm = Leaps & Turns I
7:30-8:15pm = Flexibility & Conditioning
Studio IV:
4:30-5:30pm = Beginning Ballet
5:30-6:30pm = Mini CO Jazz
6:30-7:30pm = Beginning Hip Hop

Studio I:
5:15-6:00pm = Tap & Ballet Beginning Combo
6:00-7:00pm = Beginning Jazz
7:00-8:00pm = Beginning Tap
Studio II:
5:00-6:00pm = Tap & Ballet Combo I
6:00-7:00pm = Modern II/III
7:00-8:00pm = Leaps & Turns II/III
8:00-9:00pm = Intermediate Co, Jazz
Studio III:
4:30-6:00pm = Ballet V/VI
6:00-7:00pm = Senior CO Jazz
7:00-8:00pm = Lyrical V
8:00 -9:00pm = Advanced Hip Hop
Studio IV:
4:30-6:00pm = Ballet III
6:00-7:00pm = Lyrical IV
7:00-8:00pm = JR Co Tap
8:00-8:45pm = Flexibility & Conditioning

Studio I:
5:00-6:00pm= Tap I/II
6:00-7:00pm = Hip Hop I/II
Studio II:
5:00-6:00pm = Hip Hop II
6:00-7:00pm = Mini Co Tap
7:00-8:00pm = Jazz III/ IV
Studio III:
4:30-6:00pm = Bitty Co Tap & Jazz
6:00-7:00pm = Petite Co Jazz
7:00-8:00pm = Leaps & Turns II
8:00-9:00pm = PRODUCTION & Father/Daughter
Studio IV:
4:30-6:00pm = Newbie Co Tap & Jazz
6:00-7:00pm = Tumbling I
7:00-8:00pm = Tumbling III
8:00-9:00pm = Tumbling II

PRIVATE LESSONS are available.  Call the office to set up Private lessons
We offer classes for ages 3-adult.  Classes are for dancers who want to dance recreationally or those who want to pursue the competition realm. “Company” classes are designed for students who have auditioned and been accepted into our LE Dance Competition team.  Non-company dancers can take company classes if permitted by LE Dance director. 

Combo classes are designed for ages 3-6 years of age.  Combo class levels are beginning / I / II / Tap & jazz III. Curriculum is designed to advance students into our recreational or competition programs.  

**Classes are subject to change due to enrollment needs** Download registration form at / COVID waiver must also be on file prior to the start of classes
QUESTIONS? Contact our owner, Liz Ernst, at or call us at 913-897-5551

Come by and sign up for our fall/spring dance classes.  We offer classes for all ages and skill levels.  Ages 3-adult.  Classes/Genres: Ballet/Pointe, Jazz, Contemporary/Lyrical , Modern, Tap, Leaps & Turns, Hip Hop, Combo classes for ages 3-6.5,   Flexibility & Conditioning, Tumbling/Acro. Our professional staff create classes that are fun, challenging, improve technique and instill life skills.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at: or call us at 913-897-5551. 

July 29, 2020 :  (ages 14 -18)
5:15 – 7:30pm
Ballet / Jazz / Contemporary / Tap

July 30 , 2020:
1) Ages 7-9 (or current Bittys)
Tap/ Jazz

2) Ages 10-11 (or current Newbies)
Ballet/ Jazz / Tap

3) Ages 12-13 (or current Minis)
Ballet/ Jazz/ Tap/ Contemporary

AUGUST 17 /18, 2020 – LE DANCE COMPANY AUDITIONS (for those who miss the first set of auditions due to vacations, camps..)Times TBA – watch website 

Audition Guidelines:Dancers need to wear black dance wear to auditions.  Hair is to be secured back. Appropriate dance shoes Arrive 15-20 minutes prior to audition time. Sign in, and get a number.  Please secure number to FRONT of body, and proceed to a studio 2 to warm up. Audition fee is 25.00

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