Class Schedule

FALL/SPRING 2022-2023 DANCE CLASSES at LE Dance Studio:

Studio I:
6:00-7:00pm = Hip Hop I
7:00-9:00pm = Private Lessons

Studio II:
4:30-5:30pm = Tap & Ballet Combo I
6:00-7:00pm = Lyrical III
7:00-8:00pm = Jazz I/II
8:00-9:00pm = Tap I/II

Studio III:
4:30-6:00pm = Ballet V /VI
6:00-7:00pm = Jazz V / SR
7:00-8:00pm = Lyrical/Contemporary V / SR
8:00-9:00pm = Advanced Hip Hop

Studio IV:
5:00-6:00pm = Hip Hop III/IV
6:00-7:00pm = Lyrical/Contemporary IV / JR
7:00-8:00pm = Jazz IV / JR

Studio I:
5:00-9:00pm = Private Lessons

Studio II:
4:30-6:00pm = Bitty CO Tap & Jazz
6:00-7:00pm = Beginning Ballet
7:00-7:45pm = Conditioning & Flexibility
7:45-8:45pm = Teen Jazz

Studio III:
4:30-6:00pm = Ballet III/IV
6:00-7:00pm = Modern III
7:00-8:00pm = Newbie CO Tap
8:00-9:00pm = Hip Hop II

Studio IV:
5:00-6:00pm = Modern I
6:00-7:00om = Leaps & Turns II
7:00-7:45pm = Conditioning & Flexibility
7:45-8:45pm = ACRO for Dancers

Studio I:
5:00-5:45pm = Beginning Tap & Ballet Combo
6:00-7:00pm = Beginning Hip Hop
7:00-8:00pm = Beginning Tap

Studio II:
5:00-6:00pm = Tap & Ballet Combo II
6:00-7:00pm = Mini CO tap
7:00-8:00pm = Hip Hop II/III
8:00-9:00pm = Private Lessons

Studio III:
4:30-6:00pm = Ballet V /VI
6:00-7:00pm = Leaps & Turns V
7:00-8:00pm = Modern V
8:00-9:00pm = Adv Conditioning / Flexibility (Sept & Oct)
Production (Nov -mid March)
Mother / Daughter Dance (mid -March thru May)

Studio IV:
4:15-5:00pm = Beginning Tumbling (ages 4-7)
5:00-6:00pm = Ballet II/III
6:00-7:00pm = Modern IV
7:00-8:00pm = Leaps & Turns IV
8:00-8:45pm = Advanced Tap

Studio I:
5:00-6:00pm = Tap & Jazz Combo III
6:00-7:00pm = Beginning Jazz

Studio II:
5:00-6:00pm = Beginning Leaps & Turns
6:00-7:00pm = Ballet II/III
7:00-8:00pm = Mini CO Jazz
8:00-9:00pm = Private Lessons

Studio III:
5:00-6:00pm = Ballet II
6:00-7:00pm = Petite Jazz CO
7:00-8:00pm = Petite Tap CO
8:00-9:00pm = Leaps & Turns III/IV

Studio IV:
4:30-6:00pm = Ballet III/IV
6:00-7:00pm = Newbie Jazz CO
7:00-8:00pm = Tumbling II/III

8:30-9:30am = Conditioning/Technique (Petite/JR/SR) make up class if missed class
drop in rate for this class applied
9:00-5:00pm = Rehearsals

11:30-4:30pm = Rehearsals

***PRIVATE LESSONS – are available and can be scheduled by contacting the LE Dance office ( or call 913-897-5551).

We offer classes for ages 3-adult. Classes are for dancers who want to dance recreationally or those who want to pursue the competition realm. “CO” classes are designed for students who have auditioned and been accepted into our LE Dance Competition team. Non-company dancers can take company classes if permitted by LE Dance director.

“Combo classes” are designed for ages 3-6 years of age. Combo class levels are beginning / I / II / Tap & jazz III. Curriculum is designed to advance students into our recreational or competition programs.

Classes are subject to change due to enrollment needs. Enroll online here.

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