2024 Summer Dance Intensive

There are four new dance camps this summer and they are $85 each. See the camp schedule for details and a link to the registration form.

Studio I:
5:00-6:00pm = TAP I/II cont
6:00-7:00pm = Jazz I/II cont
7:00-9:00pm = Private Lessons – Email office to arrange

Studio II:
4:30-6:00pm = Ballet III
6:00-7:00pm = Petite CO Tap III
7:00-8:00pm = Flexibility & Conditioning II/III
8:00-8:45pm = Advanced Tap

Studio III:
4:30-6:00pm – Advanced Ballet V/VI
6:00-7:00pm = Contemporary/Lyrical V
7:00-8:00pm = Modern V
8:00-9:00pm = Contemporary/Lyrical IV
9:00-9:45pm = Advanced Hip Hop

Studio IV:
4:30-6:00pm = Ballet IV
6:00-7:00pm = Modern IV
7:00-8:00pm = Tap IV
8:00-9:00pm= Lyrical I/II

Studio I – Private Lessons – Email Office to arrange

Studio II:
9:15-10:00am = Tap & Ballet Combo BEGINNING I
10:00-11:00am = Ballet I
11:00-12:30pm = Bitty Tap & Jazz
4:30-9:00pm = PRIVATE LESSONS – please call office to arrange

Studio III:
9:00-10:00am = Leaps & Turns I/II
10:00-11:00am = Petite Jazz III CO
11:00-12:00pm = Hip Hop II/III
12:00-1:00pm = Ballet II/III
6:00-7:00pm = MOVEMENT MASTER CLASS / Ages 10-13 – Choreography Sessions with various instructors
7:00-8:30pm = MOVEMENT MASTER CLASS / Ages 14 and up – Choreography Sessions with various instructors

Studio IV:
9:00-10:00am = Modern II/III
10:00-11:00am = Mini Jazz II/III CO
11:00-12:00pm = Newbie Tap II CO
12:00-12:45pm = TUMBLING I/II

Studio I:
5:15-6:00pm = Tap & Ballet Beginning I continuing COMBO

Studio II:
5:00-6:00pm = Tap & Ballet COMBO I/II
6:00-9:00pm = Private lessons – Contact our office to arrange for Private lessons

Studio III:
4:30-6:00pm = Advanced Ballet V/VI
6:00-7:00pm = Leaps & Turns V/VI
7:00-8:00pm =Advanced Strength and Conditioning
8:00-9:00pm = Advanced Jazz / SR

Studio IV:
5:00-6:00pm = Leaps & Turns IV
6:00-7:00pm = Tumbling IV/V
7:00-9:00pm = Private Lessons

Studio I:
4:30-5:30pm = Tap & Jazz Company Prep Class

Studio II:
9:30-10:30am = Ballet II/III
10:30-11:30am =Mini Tap II/III CO
5:45-6:30pm = Leaps & Turns I
6:30-7:30pm = Beginning Hip Hop I

Studio III:
9:00-10:30am = Ballet III
10:30-11:30am = Hip Hop III
11:30-12:30pm = Leaps. & Turns II/III
7:30-8:30pm = Hip Hop I/II

Studio IV:
9:00-10:30am = Ballet IV
10:30-11:30am = Jazz IV
12:30-1:30pm = Tumbling III
4:45-5:30pm = Beg Tumbling I
5:30-6:30pm = Beginning Jazz I
6:30-7:30pm = Newbie Jazz
7:30-9:00pm = Private Lessons

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