LE Dance Summer Session 2021

June 14 thru July 30, 2021

**We will be closed the week of June 28 thru July 3, as we will be in Florida competing at our National Dance Competition. **


Studio II:
5:00-6:00pm = Jazz II/III

Studio III:
3:30-4:30pm = Strength and Conditioning for dancers
4:30-6:00pm = Ballet V
6:00-7:00pm = Advanced SR Jazz
7:00-8:00pm = Modern V
8:00-9:00pm = Advanced Hip Hop

Studio IV:
4:30-6:00pm = Ballet III
6:00-7:00pm = Modern III
7:00-8:00pm = Petite CO Jazz


8:00-9:00pm = Musical Theater Jazz for boys (high school)

Studio I:
5:15-6:00pm = Beginning Tap & Ballet Combo

Studio II:
5:00-6:00pm = Tap & Ballet Combo I
6:00-7:00pm =  Jazz I

Studio III
5:00-6:00pm = Beginning Hip Hop
6:00-7:00pm – Beginning Ballet
7:00-8:00pm = Leaps & Turns I 
8:00-9:00pm = Flexibility

Studio IV
5:00-6:00pm =  Leaps & Turns II
6:00-7:00pm =  Modern I
7:00-8:00pm =  Mini Co Tap


Studio I:
10:30-11:15am = Beginning Tap & Ballet Combo
4:30-5:30pm =  Tap & Ballet Combo II

Studio II:
5:00-6:00pm = Hip Hop I/II
6:00-7:00pm = Tap I

Studio III:
9:00-10:30am =  Ballet II
3:30-4:30pm = Yoga for Dancers
4:30-6:00pm = Ballet V
6:00-7:00pm =  Leaps & Turns V
7:00-8:00pm = Lyrical/Contemporary V
8:00-9:00pm = Hip Hop III

Studio IV:
9:45-10:30am =  Pre K- K Tumbling
10:30-11:30am = Tumbling II
4:30-6:00pm = Ballet III
6:00-7:00pm = Lyrical III
7:00-8:00pm = Tumbling III
8:00-8:45pm =  Advanced Tap


Studio I:
5:00-6:00pm = Tap & Jazz Combo III (Company Prep)

Studio II:
4:30-6:00pm = Bitty CO Tap & Jazz
6:00-7:00pm =  Ballet II
7:00-8:00pm =  Tap II/III

Studio III:
4:30-6:00pm = Newbie CO Tap & Jazz
6:00-7:00pm = Leaps & Turns III
7:00-8:00pm = Hip Hop II
8:00-9:00pm = Flexibility

Studio IV:
5:00-6:00pm = Mini CO Jazz
6:00-7:00pm = Tumbling I
7:00-8:00pm = Petite CO tap
8:00-9:00pm = Lyrical I

**PRIVATE LESSONS – are available.  Please call our office or email us to arrange for private lessons.

**”Combo” after a class means this is a combination style class designed for ages 3-6 yrs of age. This curriculum is based on skill level and not necessarily on age.

“CO” after a class means this is a competition company.

Permission is required to take a Company class. Questions regarding placement or level? Please feel free to email liz@ledance.com

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